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Feature Friday: Gladys from “Gladys’ Cafe”

It’s that time of the week again. This #FeatureFriday is dedicated to Glady’s, from “Glady’s Cafe,” on our historic Main Street Food Tour. From a reluctant partner to close friend, Gladys will tell you she wasn’t quick to hop on as a restaurant partner when I first walked through her door. But I sat at her bar for breakfast, then lunch, and then for a late afternoon drink, and breakfast, and lunch, and another later afternoon drink, until she finally caved.

Glady’s Cafe is the most recommended local food restaurants on the island. Gladys and her staff cook up Yelp and Instagram-worthy meals every day! Her homemade hot sauces are so sought after, she ships them to eager customers from all over the world. And don’t take my word for it, a quick Google search will yield articles from The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s Travel and a host of other travel websites.

Glady’s Cafe draws you in – she sings. No really, she does. And really good too! Find her behind the bar and ask her about the fruits like guavaberry and sorrel that sit front and center in the cafe, brought to her daily by a local farmer. She uses the guavaberry to make a Guavaberry Colada. Yum.

Find her in the historic and charming Royal Dane Mall in downtown Charlotte Amalie.

Royal Dane Mall – West St. Thomas US Virgin Islands 340-774-6604

#gladys #restaurant #stthomas

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