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Try these non-beach activities while on St. Thomas

As tempting as it may be to hang out at gorgeous Magens Bay or Coki Point all day, make sure you set some time aside to experience St. Thomas like a local; it’s the best way to get to know our beautiful island paradise. Need some suggestions? Here are five ways to live the local life while you’re visiting.

1) In the morning on your way to the beach, make sure to stop by one of St. Thomas’ many food trucks and pick up some authentic island cuisine. For a lighter bite, grab a tasty johnnycake with cheese or a savory pate. Don’t forget to pick up a delicious hot cup of bush tea to wash it all down! You be perfectly set up for some serious relaxation by the crystal clear azure waters of the Caribbean.

2) Once you’ve had your fill of the sun, head back towards Charlotte Amalie and stop for some lunch. In the mood for some traditional Virgin Island cuisine? Well, there are plenty of local favorites to check out on the way back to downtown. Just off Magens Bay is Brooks Bar, where you can get delicious stews island style rice and of course, plenty of island staples. With its beautiful view of Crown Bay, it’s a great spot for a bite to eat if you’re not ready to bring your day by the Bay to an end. Island Flavor is another local favorite by Crown Bay where you can get your fill of all our Virgin Islands classic dishes (make sure to try the pork chops). Otherwise, once you’re back downtown, you can try out Cuzzins or Glady’s Cafe for a hearty goat water, curried mutton, and great atmosphere.

3) If you’re planning a trip to St. Thomas, try to visit during Carnival. Although it can get a bit crowded it’s probably one of the best ways to experience island life as an islander. The Carnival Village is the heart of the celebrations. You’ll be able to hear our music, taste our food, see how we celebrate and many of the wonderful diverse aspects of our unique culture all in one place. Make sure to check out Cultural Night and the Cultural Fair to learn about the history of the Islands and what makes us so special.

4) For another great local experience, check out a farmer’s market. Although, yes, our farmer’s markets are smaller than the ones you’re more familiar with on the mainland, St. Thomas is the proud home to a budding farming community and local artisans. They work together to host a fantastic farmer’s market in Bordeaux, on the western side of the island which features organic produce, delicious snacks, local craft vendors and some seriously good live entertainment. You can also find an excellent bi-monthly farmer’s market over at Yacht Haven Grande Marina that also hosts great live music and activities.

5) Finish up your evening listening to live music featuring some of the talented local bands that we just can’t get enough of. Top Notch Band and Cool Session are two favorites, and you can hear them play a mix of covers of popular songs and excellent original material with plenty of that island rhythm. You can catch these awesome acts at many of the local hotspots in Crown Bay and Paradise Point.

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