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10 Things to do on St. Thomas

10 Things to do on St. Thomas

St. Thomas is among the most beautiful sights in the Caribbean and visitors to the island will be happy to discover that there are many wonderful things to do during their stay.

  • Enjoy a perfect day of surf and sand at Magen’s Bay beach. Its pristine white sands and calm waters make it one of the most popular sites to visit on St. Thomas. Coconut groves, mangroves, wetlands and an arboretum are all located along Magen’s Bay, with stunning camping grounds for stargazers and any lover of the outdoors.

  • If you’re a thrill-seeker visiting St. Thomas, look no further than Tree Limin Extreme for a zip lining experience through the stunning rainforest where you’ll catch unparalleled views of the island, its bays, and reefs. It’s a thrilling adventure that will have you talking for years to come.

  • The Virgin Islands have a unique ecosystem and there are several ecotours available for anyone looking to get a first-hand view of St. Thomas’ diverse ecosystem and historic landmarks. From kayaking in the lagoons to hiking through the majestic landscape, an ecotour is just one more fantastic way to get to know St. Thomas during your stay.

  • Jump on an open air safari bus tour and visit historic sites like Bluebeard’s Castle, see the many stunning vistas of the island and get in a bit of duty-free shopping.

  • Thanks to its close proximity to other islands, it’s easy to island hop. Take a day trip by seaplane to St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands and play a bit of golf or hit the casino. Or ride the ferry to St. John, the smallest island where over 60% of the island is protected as a national park, perfect for anyone who’s looking to get lost among the rainforests.

  • If you have kids, treat them to a one of a kind adventure at the Coral World Marine Park. See sharks close up, swim with sea lions and turtles or visit the butterfly garden. Take your kids to the touch pool where they can interact with sea urchins, starfish, hermit crabs and conchs, along with others.

  • After a full day of sightseeing, have a night on the town down in Red Hook. With several waterfront restaurants featuring delicious food and drink, there are plenty of dining options available to suit your needs. After dinner and drinks, you can enjoy live music at one of the several venues in Red Hook.

  • Sign up for a food tour and see the side of St. Thomas most visitors never get to experience. See downtown Main Street and learn about Virgin Island history while enjoying some of the local fare then make your way down to Frenchtown for a more diverse spread of unique St. Thomain culinary delights. It’s the ultimate way to get a taste of island life.

  • The waters around St. Thomas are amongst the most beautiful and clear in the world. If you’ve never been snorkeling before, you couldn’t ask for a better first time than in the azure waters and coral reefs around the island. Whether you do a half day or a full day, you’re bound to see some amazing sea life and swim with a few turtles. Rent a boat for a day and drift across the calm waters of the bay while marveling at the island’s natural beauty.

  • After seeing the streets and seas around St. Thomas, you can’t miss seeing the bird’s eye view. Take a skyride to Paradise Point and see downtown St. Thomas, it’s lush green hills and dozens of boats dotting the bay. Look in any direction and you’ll see it’s neighboring islands, and even as far off as Puerto Rico. On a clear day, what more could you ask for?

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